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Product Guide: Our Windows

Information on our Custom Wood Sashes and Transom Windows

Our Sashes and Transoms are made with white pine. The stiles and rails are 1 3/16” thick x 1 11/16” wide. Muntins are 1 3/16” height x 11/16” width.The sashes and transoms are screwed together with Zinc plated screws.The stiles, rails and muntins are molded on both sides of the single strength glass with a small bead of clear latex silicone caulking where the glass meets the wood on the outside of the windows to make the sash weather tight.

Rough Opening - For Window Units only

For window units ONLY- the Rough Opening is 1/2" larger in width and 1/2" larger in height than the window unit being installed. (1/4" all the way around) If your RO measures 24 1/2"w x 32"h, you would need to order a 24"w x 31 1/2"h window unit. We manufacture Single Hung Window Units and Hopper Window Units.