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Product Guide: Our Windows

Information on our Custom Wood Sashes and Transom Windows

Our Sashes and Transoms are made with white pine. The stiles and rails are 1 3/16” thick x 1 11/16” wide. Muntins are 1 3/16” height x 11/16” width.The sashes and transoms are screwed together with Zinc plated screws.The stiles, rails and muntins are molded on both sides of the single strength glass with a small bead of clear latex silicone caulking where the glass meets the wood on the outside of the windows to make the sash weather tight.

Rough Opening

The Rough Opening is 1/2" larger in width and 1/2" larger in height than the window unit being installed. (Your Rough Opening measures 24 1/2"w x 32"h, you would need to order a 24"w x 31 1/2"h window sash.