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Eco Consciousness

Eco Consciousness

We are an environmentally friendly business and we continually look for ways to be more energy efficient in our production process.

In January 2012 we had a 54 panel, 12.42 KW solar PV system installed on the roof of our business and made substantial upgrades to our 3 phase power systems in order to create a cleaner supply of energy. We are currently producing 100% of our own power and are therefore able to keep production costs down and pass on the savings to our customers.

To date we have offset our carbon footprint by 29.1 tons equivalent of 2 acres and have produced enough energy to power 3 stadiums for 1 day. Strafford Window Manufacturing is constantly striving to assess, update and implement energy saving measures in order to make a cleaner, greener window for our customers.

To see how much energy we've produced and our total carbon offset, visit this site.