Ponderosa Pines - Shed

I would like to say thank you for your windows you make for my shed company Ponderosa Pines Wood Products. We pride ourselves in keeping within the New England look and your windows are a big part of our look. Whenever I have a special type of window, you deliver. If any shed company needs windows for their product, I strongly recommend Strafford Window Manufacturing, Inc. for all their needs. I have been doing business with Strafford Window Manufacturing, Inc. for about 10 years and never had an issue.

- Joel Michaud, Owner, Ponderosa Pines Wood Products

Lamore Lumber Post & Beam Buildings proudly use Strafford Window Manufacturing windows in many of our buildings. The quality of the product pleases our clients and that pleases us.

Lamore Lumber Post & Beam Buildings, Deerfield, MA

Lamore Lumber - Barn

Ed Pape - Barn Restoration

I've ordered custom transoms from Strafford Window for barn restorations. Not only has the experience been pleasant, but the dimensions have been perfect, the orders have been completed quickly, and the price has been very attractive to customers.

- Ed Pape