Our Sashes and Transoms are made with White Pine. The stiles and rails are 1 3/16" thick x 1 11/16" wide. Muntins are 1 3/16" high x 11/16" wide. The sashes and transoms are screwed together with Zinc plated screws. The stiles, rails and muntins are molded on both sides of the single strength glass (2.5 mm thick) with a small bead of clear latex silicone caulking where the glass meets the wood on the outside of the windows to make the sash weather tight. All of our windows are a true divided lite.

We can increase the thickness of the stiles and rails. In addition, we can change the widths of the stiles of rails. For all changes to our normal window profile, we request a drawing.

All of our window products have single strength glass. Upgrades to Double Strength Glass or Tempered Glass are available! We do NOT use Triple Glazed Glass, Double Glazed Glass or Low E Glass in our windows.

**All prices are shown with the web builder. Any window order that has 100 or more windows that are the same dimensions, please call us for pricing.

  • The windows should have one quality primer coat and two coats of paint.
  • You can use any sealing primer.
  • For the paint, either Acrylic (water-based) or Alkyd (oil-based) works fine.
  • Prime the wood first with the sealing primer by running the paint slightly onto the glass. This will seal all the frame work from rain water and will prevent the finished coat of paint from being absorbed into the wood ensuring a even gloss or sheen on the finished product.
  • Using either the Acrylic or the Alkyd paint, paint the wood using the same process as you previously did with the primer allowing to dry thoroughly between coats of paint.
  • You should apply at least two coats of paint.
  • Every 3 to 4 years apply a new coat of paint to your windows.

How long will it take to manufacture my order and ship it?
Our current turn around time frame is up to 5 weeks. This is from date orderd to date delivered. Orders will be shipped once manufacturing has been completed and you will receive a email notification of the shipping/tracking information.

What payment methods do you accept?
Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Bank money orders or personal checks (Personal Checks need to clear the bank before manufacturing the item).

Is a RUSH custom order available?
No, please contact us.

What does "upgrade" mean?
Changes to our normal window profile, contact us for pricing.

Can a transom be used vertically?

Do your sashes have a nailing flange?

Are there architectural designs available?
Not at this point in time.

Can we visit your shop?
Yes, our hours are Monday - Thursday 7 AM to 5 PM

Do you make bow top style windows?

What type of glass is used in the sashes?
We use single strength clear glass.

Can I request other types of wood for my custom order other than white pine?
We can now manufacture our windows using Douglas Fir, Red Cedar, and Mahogany! Simply choose your wood in the Window Builder.

What type of window grill is used for the sashes and transom windows?
We make true divided lites.

Can I order my window with safety glass?
Yes we can! Please call for pricing.

Do you make window kits?

Do you offer beveled muntin profile?
No, our muntin profile is a quarter round.

Do your windows have pulley systems?
No, customers can add their pulley systems to the windows.

Do you make casement windows?
No, we can make the sash and a customer can make the sash into a casement window unit.